We foster the encouragement of recreational shooting by responsible persons, with the intent of fostering a better knowledge of firearms, their safe handling and care, as well as improved marksmanship  

November 2017
Tue, Apr 17, 2018 8:23 pm

Promoting Shooting Sports and Conservation in North Iowa Since 1968

River City Rifle & Pistol Club

Chris Charbonneaux – Editor – email: charbdog@gmail.com April 2017 Newsletter


Next meeting – November 2, 2017 – 7:00 pm – Lime Creek Nature Center

Latest News:

November 2th meeting will be at Lime Creek Nature Center. We will meet there through April 2018.

Fall 2017 Gun Show Nov 17-18, Volunteers are needed. Please contact Phil McCormick at 641- 529-1605 to volunteer. Flyers will be at the meeting. Also looking for visible and secure locations for signage.

2017 Elections: These positions are up for reelection this year: Vice President, Secretary, Range Officer and 2 board members. Rod Haag has been appointed nomination chair, if you are interested in nominating someone or nominating yourself, please talk with Rod.

Basic Officer Positions Descriptions of what is up for election

Vice President


-Assists the RCRPC club president

-Presides over weekly RCRPC meetings in the absence of the club president.

-Obtains ideas from members and pass them onto the RCRPC president

-Assumes official host duties with guest speakers.

-Is involved in membership development by working closely with the membership chair.

-Assumes the role and responsibilities of the president in the event that the acting president is no longer able to full-fill his/her duties.




-  Records minutes for all meetings.

-  Keeps record of all important files.

-  Report pertinent information to RCRPC officers who were absent from meetings.

-  Record names of officers and club member who are present at monthly meetings.

-  Calls attention to, the RCRPC president, any unfinished business from past meetings. Range Officer

-Coordinates maintenance activities on the range and grounds of RCRPC

-Monitors the condition of the range

-Maintains the login/logout book at the entrance

-Communicates to the board when there is safety concerns at the range

-Other duties are requested by the president or board


Board Members

-Advisory members of the board

-Assume duties as assigned by the president for the club



Range Safety and Security:

Do not flip the lights on unless you talk to the people who were their first, unless it is an emergency. It has been brought to the board’s attention, that for example: someone using the 200 yard range and people arrive to the 50 yard range and flip the lights on to go down range to place targets without communicating to the folks in person using the 200 yard range. Remember first person there is in charge of range.

The gate has been left open, if the gate will not close, call one of the board members listed below or in the SOP.

Shooting will increase this fall, please pick up after yourself, including wads from shotgun slugs. Please put shot up backers in the dumpster, there is new backers in the blue shed if needed. If there is none please contact a board member.

Rodenticide will be placed in buildings on the grounds this fall, please be mindful of children and pets.

From Rod Haag:

We are still looking for people to run for the exc board. The vice president , secretary , range officer and 2 of the directors are up this year. I will be looking to start on a events schedule after the first of the year. I will also be looking to add more people to the sponsors list this year.

Short Range Update:

Moving forward, 2 members have volunteered their engineering expertise. A plan has been made with a footprint. Expect to see the location laid out with stakes very soon. More details will be presented at one of the fall meetings.





Club Contact information:


River City Rifle & Pistol Club Elected Officials Through 2018



Andy Hill




Chad Colby




Executive Officer

Rodney Haag




Trish Rasmusson




Todd Cash



Range Officer

Alf Larson




Ric Colby




Brad Emerson




Garry Niver >




Layton Zbornik



# Newsletter Editor

^ Club Rifle


>Sergeant at Arms


Gun Show Director is Phil McCormick – 641-529-1605

Bob Busche is Membership Committee Chairman –641-425-5017 Chris “charby” Charbonneaux Newsletter Editor 515-460-0259


Wireless Internet at the Range: Network: RCRPC Password: 1968club


Next meeting – December 7, 2017 – 7:00 pm – Lime Creek Nature Center

October-April meetings will be at the Lime Creek Nature Center on the 1st Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm