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May 2018
Tue, May 1, 2018 7:06 am

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River City Rifle & Pistol Club

Chris Charbonneaux – Editor – email: charbdog@gmail.com January 2018 Newsletter

 Next meeting – May 3, 2018 – 7:00 pm – River City Rifle and Pistol Club


Range Clean up

May 5 and 6th is the second weekend of the Spring Range Clean up. Starting both days at 9am. One big thing is if you have a chainsaw, the downed trees where the planned short range location still need to be cut up into firewood.

Club T-shirts

For those who attended the April Meeting there was samples to look. If you would like to purchase a club t-shirt, please click this link to survey monkey.



The survey will be open until May 19th and the plan is to have the t-shirts available at the June meeting for payment and pickup. Every solid color of t-shirt is available but the design would look best on a lighter colored t-shirt.

SOP Update for Snowbirds

Please contact Chris Charbonneaux or Rod Haag to schedule your update. Snow is finally gone!!

Next Gun Show: November 17-18, 2018

Trap Prices for 2018: (discount for being a RCRPC member!)

Members: $4.50 a round or $4.00 a round with a $40 punch card. Juniors are $3.00 a round

Non Members: $5.50 a round. Junior Non-Members $4.50 a round.

Women on Target-

Event is on Saturday, July 28, 2018. The chair, Raquel Zbornik is looking for help. She could really use for the rifle event and general help for the day (set up, tear down, etc.) If you are able, please call her at 641-430-5358.

50th  Anniversary Celebration-

Mark your calendars for the afternoon of August 11, 2018 (August 12 is rain date)

Short Range Update- Free Firewood!

Trees have been dropped in the area of the planned short range. If you would like firewood please help yourself, there are many branches of the right diameter for firewood. They are mostly Cottonwood and Siberian elm, not the greatest for a fireplace but excellent outdoor firewood. If you decide you are interested in some, please drive in along the back side of the 50 yard range. If you are cutting make sure you turn the red lights on since most of the downed trees are past the common firing line. If you have a non-member interested in firewood please be with them while cutting or contact John Marino.

Vendor Shoot is set for Sept 8, 2018

Range Gate Info (this will be in every newsletter):

If you experience issues with the electronic gate, please contact Russ Stahl at 641-430-0289. If there ever is a padlock on the gate, the combination will be the same as the electronic gate code.

Club Contact information:


River City Rifle & Pistol Club Elected Officials Through 2018



Steve Hays



Vice President

Chris Charbonneaux



Executive Officer

Rodney Haag




Janet Solberg




Todd Cash



Range Officer

John Marino




Ric Colby




Brad Emerson




Garry Niver




Russ Stahl






Membership Chair

Bob Busche


Newsletter Editor

Chris (Charby) Charbonneaux


Club Rifle Director

Rick Hunt


Gun Show Director

Phil McCormick


Gate Issues

Russ Stahl




Wireless Internet at the Range: Network: RCRPC Password: 1968club


Next meeting – April 3, 2017 – 7:00 pm – River City Rifle and Pistol Club

May-September meetings will be at the River City Rifle and Pistol Club on the 1st Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm